WOVEN FOR WOMEN IS A COLLABORATIVE WEEKEND EVENT for the women of the central coast (& beyonD). Our dream is to create an environment where FRIENDSHIPS are FORGED, where the presence & power of god is invited to change the atmosphere, AND WHERE FAITH & HOPE are RESTORED. 

It is our prayer that God will use this weekend to weave our hearts together as friends, sisters, and allies.




WOVEN for Women technically began sometime in 2011, though the title itself came a few years later. It was shortly after my mom’s passing from cancer and my divorce a year prior that I basically started traveling the world & telling my story to whomever would listen. Night after night, I shared the stories of love & loss, grief & hope, brokenness & redemption - while also sharing some of the songs that I'd written during the most difficult times of my life. Every time I’d tell my story, there would almost always be a woman cross the room afterwards to speak to me. Usually, with tears in her eyes, she’d say something like, “Thank you. You basically just told my story.” I started to see that God was up to something bigger than me.

Sometimes these nights would happen in my local coffee shop or a church in Brazil, sometimes in someone’s living room in Texas or a backyard in Georgia, and sometimes off on a women’s retreat in the mountains of Colorado…but no matter the setting, my goal was to take off my mask & be real with everyone in the room. It seemed that when I did that, it give permission for others to do the same - to be real with God, and be more real with others in return. The amazing thing is that I truly found a new layer of healing each time I shared. 

I am living proof: He is the God who weaves all things together for good. Romans 8:28 became the theme verse for each of these events:


Fast forward to 2014, when I was newly on staff at Mountainbrook Church in San Luis Obispo, CA and thought, “What better way for the women in my new church to get to know me (and for I to begin to connect more with them) than to tell my story here, too?” That was when the title WOVEN for Women was born. We had our first gathering at Mountainbrook that November. 

There was such great feedback, we thought we’d do it again! Then we started doing WOVEN every few months, and we started asking other women to tell their stories, too. Not only that, but we began to weave in other creative elements through the additional involvement of Creative Director, Karen George. Attendance nearly doubled at every event, and it seemed that God’s wind was in the sail. We started to see women inviting their friends from the community and from other churches to join us, and we knew it was starting to evolve into something greater than either Karen or I imagined, something larger than the two of us can pastor or host ourselves - a good problem to have!

We feel that God has encouraged us to partner with other churches in the area and extend the invitation to all the women of the Central Coast (& beyond!) to join us this Fall! With Grace Central Coast co-sponsoring the event with us, it is our prayer that God will truly use this weekend to weave our hearts together as friends, sisters, and allies.

Grab all your friends and join us in November!

Sherilyn Keller, Founder
WOVEN for Women